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A Little Premature, But Ready to Pop


Ok, I'll be the first to admitt it.  When I read the Posts' article about Thomas and Kelly being moved further down the depth chart in favor of Joey "the ageless wonder" Galloway and Roydell "what have you done for me lately" Williams, I was a little upset; ok I lied, I broke one of my favorite household items(I'll leave that item unnamed for the sake of my dignity).  So before we all over react to this notion of our X receiver being a few years removed from recieving Medicare, lets remember this; it is just the first week of training camp!

Still, the news made me nauseous, so I'm starting to believe that the V Jackson trade (which I was originally against) is now starting to look like a better idea.  It will take at least a second round pick, plus an additional mid round, or a second early pick in 2011 to land Jackson, but would it be worth it? 


Looking at the likes of Galloway, Williams, Furrey, Armstrong, Austin, Banks and the injury bitten Thomas, and Kelly, do we really have a choice?  All we have is Moss, who at his best is slightly above average in todays game.


Last year our offensive line was the laughing stock of the NFL.  We are now much better.  Currently, our wide receiving corps is the laughing stock of the NFL.  With Jackson, we could be much better. 


Don't forget, the injection only hurts for a little bit, after that, the pain subsides, and you start feeling better.  The pain of giving up the draft picks required to obtain Jackson will certainly sting, but winning could take care of that pretty darn quickly.


So, even though my reactions may seem a little premature, I am still close to the cliff.  I don't want to jump, but I will turn part Lemur if the situation doesn't improve.  Can we really be considered a contender with a 38 year old number one receiver?