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Washington Redskins Training Camp In Progress

We'll do our best to keep an open thread kind of approach to the beginning of camp. We will add news items to each entry but we encourage all our readers to use the comments section here to kick around anything late-breaking or otherwise interesting.

Haynesworth #1****First on the docket is news from Jay Glazer that Albert Haynesworth did NOT pass his conditioning tests today. According to Glazer, Haynesworth passed the 1st part but not the 2nd part. This story will be monitored closely, but as of right now it appears that the Haynesworth Show is already full of drama and intrigue and we are merely hours into this thing.

****Can we all kind of discuss what is less surprising: Haynesworth failing his physical or Malcolm Kelly missing the beginning of camp with a hamstring injury? How is Kelly going to convince Shanahan to trust him if he can't be on the field? So frustrating...

Haynesworth UPDATE****Jason Reid is reporting that Haynesworth did in fact pass his conditioning (as reported below by CaptChaos). My understanding is that there is a lot of confusion over the scores he received in both the swimsuit competition and the evening gown competition.

2:00 PM****Looks like the consensus is FAIL.

2:30 PM****In what is becoming more dramatic by the minute, it is now being reported that Haynesworth had to drop a deuce and it caused him to fail his test. I would otherwise not pass on this speculation, but the Haynesworth Saga would be incomplete without a log in the bowl. In fact, if true, it would be among the least offensive parts of the Haynesworth Saga.


**As reported by John Clayton on ESPNews, "Haynesworth failed to run a third 100-yard sprint in a satisfactory time. Coach Mike Shanahan felt he had too much rest between his runs and asked for a third. When Haynesworth told Shanahan he never ran 3 such sprints during his best Pro Bowl seasons Shanahan told Haynesworth he must not have ever been in shape."


***Oakland Raiders sign Rolando McClain. My prediction: Pro Bowl in his rookie year.