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Daily Slop: Former NT Ted Washington Offers to Tutor Haynesworth

Former NT Ted Washington offers to coach Haynesworth [WaPost]

Phillip Daniels live-chats with Redskins fan [Redskins Blog]
He had nice things to say about Carlos Rogers and Sean Taylor's legacy living on

DC Pro Sports Report reviews every Redskins blog [DCPSR]
Some kind words for this blog...much appreciated.

Madden 11 will play 'HTTR' fight song [Skins Blog]

Pictures from Zo Alexander's Charity bike ridre [Skins Blog]

Under Armour drops Dez Bryant []
Continuing to wear Nike products is, yea, a problem. It's amazing how much this kid is under a microscope. Cowboys and Roy Williams down-play shoulder pad-gate.

Phillip Rivers Bic's his head...looks like Britney []

Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett has nude photos hit the internet [espn]