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Daily Slop: Vinny Cerrato Continues to Say Idiotic Things

Vinny Cerrato on FAN radio in Dallas [the FAN]

Vinny Cerrato says Dez Bryant is the "Best offensive player in the draft." He also said he likes Dallas this year  "even though their OLine is aging." Classic!! And if you want a quote that irritates you, check this gem out. Obviously, Vinny, who neglected the OLine for 10 years, has learned nothing from Lou Holtz (who hit the nail on the head):

"Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes. [The Jets] have the types of guys that can go hay wire. Lou Holtz told me one time, "if your leaders are from your linemen, you have a good football team, if your leaders come from your skill players, you have a selfish team. And you can't win with a selfish team." I think the Jets have a chance to be a selfish team, or win 12 games. We'll see."

Female Redskins fan gets ride of her life [CSN]
Bar-hopping with Russ Grimm on the back of his motorcycle

"We know how talented [Haynesworth] is, we know what he's done in the past, and I'm looking from the positive side that he comes in and does what he's supposed to do. If not, we'll go ahead without him." - Mike Shanahan [PFT]

Tom Brady reports to Foxboro, new deal "within reach" [Pats Gab]
Brady's extension will significantly help McNabb. Given how bad the Oline has been, it's in Donovan's best interest to get his guaranteed money before playing in real games.

Dez Bryant refuses to carry Roy Williams' pads [espn]
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Sergio Kindle suffers head injury falling down stairs; hospitalized [espn]

T.O.’s fate rests in Palmer’s hands, Ochocinco says []