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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football

Alright, Hogs Haven Fantasy Football...Take four. We are back on top of it (we think). We have one league we created there that is ready to be filled. Email us at to sign up.

We have a number of leagues already kind of going so I was hoping to still try and pull together all the leagues that have already formed. Each week during the season, we will do a Fantasy article and I was hoping someone from each of those leagues would post their league standings in the comments section. Kevin and I may be able to fish up some prizes.

We'll aim for a draft late in August. We'll do it online and we'll customize the rules to customize the experience. Through our deal with CBS, anyone that starts a league through Hogs Haven gets 50% off. That means $90 for a league and it helps Hogs Haven at the same time. Make sure to click this link to ensure HH gets the credit. 

In the comments section here, let's try and wrangle up all the leagues we are all in and figure out the best way to keep us all tied together. Interleague trash talk is always welcome. Thank God football is just about here.