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Daily Slop: Dez Bryant Signs 5-Year Deal; Trent Williams Projected to Get $32mil Guaranteed

5-year deal worth $11.8 million ($8.3 million guaranteed) [Dallas News]
This is almost exactly the same deal Percy Harvin got last year as the 22nd pick.

Trent Williams projected to get $32 million guaranteed [Pigskinology]
Haynesworth ironically got $32 million in bonuses so far.

Lendy Holmes' talent is noticed by his teammates [Skins Blog] refers to Devin Thomas as "Devon White" [] (H/T ES)

Bringing in Donovan McNabb at QB and getting him to drive young receivers like Devon White and Malcolm Kelly is a great idea.

Elvis Dumervil gets a MASSIVE contract extension [espn] $40m+ guaranteed

NFL optimistic deal will get done [espn]