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Most Underpaid and Overpaid Redskins by 2010 Salary

Paycheck_mediumYep, these are the type of articles I'm left with until training camp gets closer. I pulled up the always fascinating Redskins salary cap sheet, which lists bonuses, cap space, everything you could imagine with the Redskins. It hasn't been updated for a few months, but still holds heavy weight. I decided to base these rankings solely on this year's salary and not signing bonuses since that money is long gone, so let's value them for what their weekly paychecks reflect. It should be noted that I had to leave players like McNabb out since they don't have deals or the details are unknown.

Most Valuable 2010 Contracts:

Brian Orakpo: $395K (Got a $12.1m 21.1m bonus last year). Contract ends in 2014 where he'll only be making $1.283mm a year then). By far the best contract on the team, which highlights the value of drafting over free agency.

Jammal Brown: $3.619mm (Steal for a Pro-Bowl Tackle). Brown came to the Redskins via trade after signing his RFA tender with the Saints.

Devin Thomas/Fred Davis:  $470K. Both will make $555K next year and will become RFAs.

Least Valuable:

Since everyone's salaries are so low from signing bonuses and the Redskins cleaned house from so many bad contracts, there's almost none left.

Clinton Portis: $7.191mm  Slated to make $8.5mm in 2012 and 2013, which is when the contract ends. I still think we should have cut Clinton. I love him, but after this season, I'm thinking that $17mil is as good as gone.

Haynesworth: $3.6mm. No matter how you look at it the Haynesworth contract is down-right awful. He's slated to make $3.6mm this year, which he could get anywhere, so there's no real incentive to work hard for the 3-4. Vonnie Holliday said he was against the 3-4 when he first went to Miami, but after learning it, he wouldn't want to do anything else.