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Daily Slop: Vegas Has Cowboys Favored Week 1; Lurie comments on McNabb

Vegas puts Cowboys as 3.5/4 point favorites week 1 [DM News]
I rarely bet for the Redskins but will be this time.

The Cowboys have been the favorite in nine of the last 10 games against NFC East rival Washington. The clubs have split the 10 games, with Washington covering seven times.

 McNabb's "Hell Week" is what separates him from Campbell [WaExaminer]

Some Redskins buy school supplies for kids [Skins Blog]

Eagles' fans go crazy since Kolb one killed a rattlesnake [BGN]
The hype on this kid continues to grow. Still not buying it, which may be part wishful thinking.

Jeff Lurie comments on McNabb trade:


"Maybe this won't work out," said Lurie of the McNabb trade. Maybe it wouldn't have worked out if we kept Donovan. But you can't be risk-averse. You can't be. I think I surround myself with people who are not risk-averse. I'm not risk-averse at all. We're all really confident, but [if] for any reason it [doesn't] work out, then we keep prioritizing that position and go after it." [espn]

Favre doesn't like where his ankle is [fox sports]
Shocking!! I have a wild suspicion his ankle will feel great the last couple days of training camp.