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Daily Slop: Zorn Lost Locker Room; McNabb-TO Pros vs Joes Video

Cooley: Zorn lost the locker room the Detroit game [Bog]
The Lions game was WEEK THREE. WOW. I mean Wow.

You go back to training camp year two of Zorn, and all of us we were excited," Cooley said. "We said this was gonna be our year, we had all this time to work together, put this offense together, and it was worse from Game 1 than it had ever been the year before. And I think by the time we lost to the Lions, he lost the locker room. And I liked him, I thought he was a great guy, it's just guys were frustrated. 

Former Redskin Terry Crews hits Hollywood [twitpic]

Video of McNabb and TO hooping it up [spike tv]
McNabb has some solid bball skills - which is not surprising since he played bball for 'Cuse. Full episode airs Wednesday at 10pm.

Pictures and video of Madden 11 - Redskins [Skins Blog]
Including video of McNabb to Galloway. (Shake my head)

Penn State's Daryll Clark to sign with Calgary Stampeders [Examiner]
Had a brief stint with the Redskins this year.

Redskins discuss their ad campaign to sell out luxury suites [WaPost]
Living in DC, the ads are simply everywhere. On the Metro, on this website, on ESPN NFC East blog, on the big screens of the Verizon Center...more power to em. It's what capitalism's all about. Not sure why it's such big news.

Kolb says he is motivated filling McNabb's shoes and the pressure []
Of course he's going to say that. When I get quotes like this from players, I trash em.

Flacco is not liking Bulger as his backup []
Someone can't handle a little competition.I mean, he prefers Beck and Troy Smith because he knew they'd never take over his job. This really is baffling to me.