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Daily Slop: Randle El Throws Snyder Under Bus; Colt Brennan Going to Hell Week

Pete Carroll was/is/might have been interested in Haynesworth [PFT]

We can end the T.O. to DC debate; Not in the Shanaplan [Bog]

Randle El throws Snyder under the bus [PFT]

"[Zorn ] had great potential, but  Dan Snyder was too involved because he didn't trust coach Zorn as much as he did coach (Joe) Gibbs, and those were things that prevented us from success as a team."

You know who didn't have great potential? You on special teams.

Redskins the favorite to land Brian Westbrook [DC Sports Report]

Shanahan golfs with Rypien and Theismann [Skins Blog]

Roger Goodell visiting Redskins Park August 4th [espn]

McNabb's Hell Week is under-way [WaPost]
Colt Brennan in it as well. What's great about this week is that Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly will be going against Darrelle Revis