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Video of Redskins Taking PKs at DC United Game

Henson, Ken, and Lendy Holmes supporing the Black and Red.
Henson, Ken, and Lendy Holmes supporing the Black and Red.

Well, dammit, I lost the bet. I was goalie first. Henson toe-kick blasted a shot over my head for the first shot. Lendy Holmes kicked next and got under it a tad (his kick almost went in the upper deck)...then Ken stepped up for his kick. He hit the weakest dribbler ever...but being 6'2"....I had no chance blocking it as it was on the ground inside post.

When it was Ken's turn to be goalie, both Henson and Lendy failed to get shots on goal. Talk about an easy win. Rob did hit a scorcher off the right crossbar as Ken dove the wrong direction. Full video coming shortly, but here's Ken's video as goalie. On my kick (I'm 3rd to go)...I hit a scorcher upper left corner and head into celebration mode as he's left weeping on all fours.

(Lendy is the left-footer). He was not happy he failed to get his two shots anywhere close to on goal. After all, he played soccer in high school and was also the K and P for his footaball team.

We had some great discussions during the game. They were definitely taking in what it was like to play at RFK. The stands were bouncing at times, though nothing like they did the Dallas week. Henson said Haslett has been an absolute ball-buster on him all of camp. It's definitely going to be a challenge writing for the Redskins this year because there's already so many assumptions we make that are just factually incorrect from what is going on in that locker room. More to come on that later...but the 4 of us did do the Fun Bunch TD celebration before leaving the ass stuff.