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Thursday Line: Penalty Kick Odds For Tonight's DC United Game

At halftime of the DC United/Seattle Sounder match this evening, Kevin and I will be taking part in a brief penalty kicking contest. We will be joined by Robert Henson, Lendy Holmes and Jeremy Jarmon. Each Redskin will shoot on Kevin and myself, and we will shoot on each other.

Kevin has a significant advantage with his 7 foot wingspan. But those skinny arms and legs might very well break if the ball hits them hard enough. On the shooters' side, Lendy Holmes is the favorite out of the group to make both of his shots. He was a kicker/punter in high school and he is evidenced by his skills on the HORSE court in Robert Henson's basement. Jeremy Jarmon is a huge soccer fan, making his kind of a sleeper. Then again, he is a defensive lineman...hard to picture him really spending a lot of time working with the soccer ball. Robert Henson is the one guy I would bet against the hardest, EXCEPT he informed me last night that he has been spending all his free time the last couple days breaking down film of penalty kicks! The dude is a quick study and he has all kinds of athletic chops, even if his Madden ratings are poo-poo. So I am at a bit of a loss to handicap this thing. 

Chances Either Ken or Kevin Stop ALL shots attempted: 0%
No way Kevin stops my shot and it would be impossible for me to guess right on every attempt made on me. That said...if I can get lucky on a guess early, and have one of the players shank one, I might be able to pull off the unthinkable! Very unlikely though.

Odds On Making More than 1 shot (Redskins):

Lendy Holmes -- 75%

Jeremy Jarmon -- 40%

Robert Henson -- 39% (hehehehe, sorry Robert, but I would be SHOCKED if you played any soccer down in Longview growing up!) Crap...I just gave Henson all the motivation he needs to crush this thing. 


Bet Between Kevin and Ken:

I am going to call myself the favorite only because I have played more soccer than Kevin and that is only fair. Neither of us wants to be the favorite here in case we both suck out loud (likely). My hope is that I can take care of this one by stopping Kevin's shot and making my own. The tie-breaker for us will be our record against the Skins. If we have to go there, it is anyone's game.


As for the specifics of our bet, I believe the main part of the bet is beers down in Canton for the Hogs Haven crew. Knowing us, there will be more on the line by the time we take the field, so stay tuned.


Feel free to add your own odds in the comments section.