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Daily Slop: Devin Thomas Responds to Fan; Redskins Ranked Last in Multiple Things

LaRon Landry has toe surgery [Insider]
He will be ready by camp. Interesting he was asked to stay in DC this off-season to work out and lead by example.

Devin Thomas Responds to Fan [ES]
The comment posted by the Redskins' fan was a great one mentioning Monk and's part of DT's response: 

...I feel the pain that Redskin Nation has been feeling for the countless years now and im gonna do everything in my power to be a key component to the success of this franchise. This city is my birthplace of my career and my home, i don't plan on leaving but i do plan on bringing joy back to this historic franchise....

Redskins rank dead last in under-25 talent [espn]
WHAT?!?! Well, you need draft picks to have under 25-talent. Cerrato gets blasted in that article, so I'll call off my dogs.

Redskins are also last in NFC East dream team players [Madden 11]
Redskins have to be ranked 1st place in # of toe surgeries with now Landry and Horton, so that's a win!!! This may call for a new t-shirt. 

T.O. willing to take paycut to play with Patriots []
It's so nice that the panic button has been uninstalled from Redskins Park. 

Chris Draft reads to kids [Skins Blog]