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n-tieractive Hosting Hogs Haven at DC United Game July 15th

I wish we had our version of the Barra Brava at FedEx...perhaps soon?
I wish we had our version of the Barra Brava at FedEx...perhaps soon?

Thanks to the good folks at n-tieractive, Kevin and I will be living large behind the goal at tomorrow night's match between DC United and Seattle. As the main sponsors of the team, n-tieractive boasts field-level seating available for purchase if you click over to this site. The n-tieractive Networking Field Level Experience is legit, if you don't mind chilling behind the goal during the game with the likes of Kevin and I (and food and booze too).

This Thursday, we are bringing a few Redskins to the event and we will be putting their penalty kicking skills to the test. Robert Henson, Jeremy Jarmon and Lendy Holmes will each get a shot at Kevin and I from the penalty line. Kevin and I will also shoot on each other. All of this goes down at the beginning of halftime, so if you come out to check us out, make sure you can see the field when the final whistle blows on the first half.

Tune into tomorrow's Thursday Line for the odds on everybody's chances of scoring. We'll also be posting video of it all in case you can't make it to RFK Stadium tomorrow night.

Thanks again to Joe and Marty over at n-tieractive for their hospitality and to the good folks at DC United for accommodating our competition.

Kevin and I could use some help determining what our side bet is going to be. Our kicks against each other will be the main determination in who wins, but if that is tied, our record against the Redskins players will break the tie. We always appreciate your suggestions. Keep in mind we will be in Canton, Ohio for the upcoming Hall of Fame induction of Russ Grimm so that setting can be utilized for this bet as well.

Anyone else planning on joining us in Canton? Beirut at the Motel 6...that does sound good!