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Redskins Won't be Supplementing Their Roster This Year

The Supplemental draft is this Thursday, July 15th, and there doesn't look to be any players worth drafting based on the Redskins needs. BYU Running Back, Harvey Unga, is this year's  gem.

Unga is the BYU career rushing leader with 3,455 yards and considered entering the 2010 NFL Draft. He has a good blend of size (6-foot 3/4, 245 pounds) and agility. By no means is her a speed burner, but he has good lateral agility and can make people miss. 

He's also shown to be a good enough pass receiver. Unga has a tendency to run with too much urgency and can get upright between the tackles. He also has some injury issues. He sat out the 2006 season with a hip injury and a broken hand sidelined him a game in 2009. He's also has minor ankle issues throughout his career.

He ran a 4.63 and a 4.53 in his two 40s, not exactly the speed a NFL team is looking for, but he has that bruising ability. Unga had over 20 teams watching and the Redskins were not one of them (according to sources that were there). I emailed SBN's draft guru, Dan Kadar, from Mocking the Draft, if there are any other draft prospects for the Redskins, specifically in the WR or Guard positions:

To my knowledge, there are only four players in the draft - Harvey Unga (RB), Josh Brent (DT), Quentin Castille (RB) and Vaness Emokpae (FB/RB). So given that, I don't see much help for Washington.

The deadline to enter the draft was July 5, so unless someone really slips through the news crack, I don't see anyone else in there.     

The Redskins of course drafted Jeremy Jarmon last year in the Supplemental Draft costing them their 2010 3rd round pick.