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Washington Redskins Madden 11 Team Ratings - NFC East Preview

When will a Redskin be back on the cover? Image via <a href=""></a>
When will a Redskin be back on the cover? Image via

The Madden NFL 2011 team ratings are in and no team improved more than the Washington Redskins. Thanks in large part to the addition of Donovan McNabb, the Redskins moved up a total of 6 points in their overall rating from 2010, from 70 to 76 (are we calling that a C or a C+). No team dropped more overall than the Arizona Cardinals, having lost their ageless wonder of a quarterback, Anquan Boldin, and Karlos Dansby. I am a little shocked that Hot Tub Leinart isn't getting more respect than that. Here is a look at the team ratings for the upcoming Madden release versus 2010 overall ratings (after the jump): put together a fine table highlighting the deltas. It appears the folks at EA aren't too keen on Kevin Kolb (Eagles -6):

Madden NFL 11 Team Ratings


Teams I will Never Play As

The New York Giants: Overrated...They have them listed at 81, unchanged from 2010 (when they were clearly overrated as well). Playing with the Giants in Madden is slightly more fun than watching church on TV, but but far more soul-depleting. If I had the choice between playing a video game as Eli Manning or playing a video game based on doing my taxes, I would be very tempted to try the tax game.

The Dallas Cowgirls: Well, they are the 7th ranked team in Madden this year and it makes me sick. I won't argue it...for now. They have been promoted as one of the best teams in the NFC for a few years, and it is clear by the amount of Lombardi Trophies they have won in that time span...oh wait, they have not won any...yeah, they are overrated yet again. The suspense will be what color dress Tony Romo is wearing this year in the backfield.

Philadelphia Eagles: This one is SURPRISING. A team loses its franchise quarterback and running back and still gets into the 80 range? Give me a break. If they aren't the youngest team on opening day, they will surely be in the top 5 youngest. How are they getting that kind of advantage over the Skins? If Vick is rated lower than Kolb, I will be shocked. The Eagles defense is legit of course, and they have explosiveness in DeSean Jackson on both offense and special teams. We shall see. This team will be fun to play with I think for any non-Redskins fan.

When we get the Player Ratings we will dive a little deeper into the team numbers as well as which Redskins got snubbed or not.