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Daily Slop: London Fletcher Gives Back with Dance Moves

Video of London Fletcher dancing to Thriller [Skins Blog]
He should stick to football. Reminds me of Ken's dancing. Great to see so many Redskins though doing so much for the community.

Touching story of a deceased Redskins fan gift to Cooley's camp [TCZ]

Redskins have 4th lowest roster retention [Insider]
Not surprising when you overhaul your front office and coaching staff.

Homer McFanboy is not buying into the Redskins Park hype [SbnDc]

Romo fails to qualify for U.S. Open..again [espn]
Quadruple-bogeying the 1st hole is never a good thing. (hands to throat choke signal).

Patrick Crayton plans to join OTAs today [espn]
That holdout thing didn't work out so well.

Mark Sanchez and Rich Gannon watch film together [espn]

Andrian Peterson hopeful Favre plays 2-3 more years [espn]
Favre of course promised he'd return if Southern Miss made the college World Series...well, they are officially out now.