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Daily Slop: McNabb is Busting His Butt

McNabb: Shanahan's offense not similar to Andy Reid's [Insider]

Redskins OLine and RBs building cohesion [CSN]

Brian Murphy catches up with Casey Rabach [Homer McFanboy]
Says Artis Hicks and Trent Williams are the real deal

Chris Cooley's camp a success [CSN]

Saints love them some Redskins QBs [NFP]
Patrick Ramsey to the Saints; Brunell going to the Jets

Buffalo Bills catch a break, literally [espn]
5th round pick Ed Wang fractures leg severely sprains ankle; Probably lost for the year. First they say he was lost for the year, now changed their tune.

Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis won't get new deals? [espn]

Jeff Saturday thinks a deal b/w NFL & NFLPA can still get done [espn]
That makes 1-person in the world

SB Nation launches their DC website [SBNation DC]

The best DUI video you'll see this week (ironically from Dallas)...