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Snide Debate: Who's First to Win Next Championship - Wiz, Redskins, or Nats?

Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider's first Redskins story was in 1983 and his work can be found at the and

Nats, Wiz, or Skins...who will a championship first and why?

Rick: That's like asking whether it will be snowy, windy or sunny in New York for the Super Bowl in 2014. Picking among those three long shots makes my head hurt. But, my guess would be the Redskins, then Nationals and finally Wizards. The NBA is so tough and the Wiz aren't even close despite getting the No. 1 draft pick. The Nationals are making real strides -- I can see them as a contender within 2-3 years, but the NFL lets teams jump up quicker and the Redskins are making strides. So, my pick is the Redskins. 

Kevin: Redskins #1? Really. I think too much SPF 150 soaked through to your brain on your vacation. I would disagree that the NFL lets teams jump up faster. Maybe if you're in the NFC West, but certainly not the NFC East. I think it's Nats, Redskins, Wiz, Mystics, then the DC Divas. If there's ever a league it's easy to jump up in, it's baseball. Look at the DRays, Marlins, and DiamondBacks. All World Series winners or contenders while also recent bottom feeders. The DRays didn't win the world series, but they went from the worst record in baseball in 2007 to the World Series in 2008 - in the AL East mind you.

If you look at the Redskins roster, they're still several years away. After/during this season, they need to start grooming a new QB, FS, RT, and RB. There's no way they can do that in free agency and of course getting every pick draft right in successive NFL drafts carries the same odds Bill Belichick gives up his GM duties to Vinny Cerrato.  


Rick: Funny, I thought we'd be arguing opposite positions and you'd be backing the Redskins. This isn't Nats Haven. The NFL's 16 game sked allows bad teams to bounce back and the Redskins qualify there. I'm very impressed with Shanahan's team makeover. With some luck, they could be in the Super Bowl in three years.

Kevin:  Well, it doesn't make for a Snide Debate if we both take the Redskins. is available ... hmmm. Maybe NartsHaven? I agree what Shanahan has done so far is a few ticks short of walking on water, but bad teams can't bounce back easily when they're out of division opponents include the Vikings, Packers, Colts, and Titans. Figure they go 8-8 this year, then get a tougher schedule next year.

Rick:I didn't think you could see past your burgundy-colored glasses. I see the Redskins around 8-8 this year, but within three years have a shot. I don't see the Wiz or Nats doing so, though both could be in the playoffs by then. Washington is going from Loserville to Title Town.    

Kevin: It doesn't sound like they're winning any titles by your last statement.

Rick: No one's winning anything this year, but at least everyone is making a move out of the cellars.

Kevin: I thought we were talking Championships. I don't want to be like Philly where you make it to the big dance then get your butt wiped (save for beating the DRays).