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What is WR Vincent Jackson Worth in a Redskins Trade?

The VJ to Redskins rumors are heating up, and I've been trying to think what will be a good value? What are Bruce Allen and Shanahan up to? The Chargers have soured over the 2009 Pro-Bowler for his 2 DUIs, which will land him a 1-4 game suspension this season. Add on top he's holding out. Hmm...him and Haynesworth can be roommates during training camp. Vincent Jackson is a stud, but all this reminds me too much of Brandon Lloyd. Trading away draft picks for a WR with off-field problems. Then, add on top of that, he wants to get paid MORE money than Brandon Marshall. That would put him in the 4 years for $50 million ballpark - or $12.5mil a year. These kind of deals only end one way - horribly.

Chargers fans have been discussing trade possibilites with the Redskins and they're expecting a 1st round pick, 3rd round pick (which we don't have) and Santana Moss. I can tell you now that ain't gonna happen Bolt fans. With as many holes as there on this Redskins team, no way Shanny gives up that 1st round pick. The Steelers were in a similar situation with Santonio Holmes, a Super Bowl MVP, and they only got a 5th round pick back.

A lot of teams have been calling the Bolts, including the Seahawks, but it's reassuring the Redskins haven't jumped the gun on this. The old regime would have easily sent our 1st round pick over by now - probably more. The Redskins do have some expendable players to throw in the trade - Carter and Fat Al to name two. I do have to say, I will be floored if they trade away their 1st round pick. The Redskins already are without their 3rd and 4th picks - losing a top 2 pick with the current age of this team would be a Dagger. Trading two 2nd round picks (2011, 2012) is an option, but honestly, McNabb has done better with far worse WRs. Given the age of the team, we won't know what holes are a major concern until next March. SAVE THE DRAFT PICKS.

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Vincent Jackson Career Stats

Season Team Receiving Rushing Fumbles
G GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Att Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost
2009 San Diego Chargers 15 15 68 1,167 17.2 55 9 3 11 3.7 12 0 -- --
2008 San Diego Chargers 16 16 59 1,098 18.6 60 7 4 69 17.3 31 0 1 1
2007 San Diego Chargers 16 16 41 623 15.2 45 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2006 San Diego Chargers 16 7 27 453 16.8 55 6 3 16 5.3 8 0 -- --
2005 San Diego Chargers 8 0 3 59 19.7 21 0 -- -- -- -- -- -- --
TOTAL 198 3,400 17.2 60 25 10 96 9.6 31 0 1 1