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Daily Slop: Colt Brennan Predicts Quick Success for Redskins

Interview with OL Selvish Capers [Homer McFanboy]
I was surprised to see the Redskins have him at LT

Don Warren, released from the team's scouting department, said he has been hired by the Carolina Panthers as a pro scout. [CSN]

Another great, vintage Pat Fischer story [Bog]

"You know that stuff receivers use on their hands, Stickum? Well, Pat chews it,"   

DeAngelo Hall visits Sea World [nfl]

The Devin Thomas video you never want to see [Skins Blog]

Colt Brennan reaches out to a Fan in need [Skins Blog]
Sad story but great to see Colt do so much for that family

Jammal Brown: "I've always been a Hog, man. It's time to get in there, get physical, that's just my style of play." [Redskins Blog]

Byron Westbrook acquitted of DUI charges [Insider]

Colt Brennan says success for Redskins is going to come fast [Insider]

Chris Henry living with brain damage [Yahoo]