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Redskins 53-Man Roster, Version 1.0- What is This Guy Smoking?

In a feble attempt to predict the Redskins 53 man roster, staff writer Ryan O'Halloran show his intelligence, or lack there of, in his "Redskins' 53-Man Roster, Version 1.0". 


Let me break this apart, because in reality, that is what we do as fans; break apart all that we think is inncorrect with our teams.

God, I hope he hasn't hit the bowl again before putting out Version 2.0.  Can't wait for that one.

Here is the link to this masterpiece for anyone interested.



Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman and Richard Bartel.
Analysis: One of the top competitions in training camp will be for No. 3 quarterback. Colt Brennan missed all of last year following hip surgery, and Bartel arrived from Jacksonville’s practice squad late in the season. Bartel gets the edge because he appears to have a stronger arm.

What, no fan favorite Colt Brennan?  Some fans think he is the next Drew Brees.  Oh well, there goes the future of the franchise. 


Anyways, this dude has Bartel, a product of mighty Tarleton State, beating out the former Hawaii star for the third spot on the QB depth chart.  His reasoning, "Bartel gets the edge because he appears to have a stronger arm", includes one word that concerns me; APPEARS.  Wow, you APPEAR to have a learning disability.  Lets make you a sports writer.  Great!



Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, Mike Sellers and Ryan Torain.
Analysis: Yes, Brian Westbrook and Willie Parker aren’t on the list. I didn’t consider Westbrook because he’s not here yet (and may not be here at all), and the Redskins should wait for the preseason to play out to see if a team panics and trades a draft pick for Parker. Another great sub-plot of camp is how the Redskins divide the reps and playing time between Portis, Johnson and possibly Parker.

This ones just funny. 


I have to point this blurb out:  "and the Redskins should wait for the preseason to play out to see if a team panics and trades a draft pick for Parker."  Who is going to trade for Willie Parker, and why would the Redskins stunt the development of other RB's on the roster, just to hold out hope some team will come calling, offering up their 6th round draft pick in 2013, for the aging Parker.  Ridiculous.



Santana Moss, Devin Thomas, Joey Galloway, Bobby Wade, Mike Furrey and Terrence Austin.
Analysis: What’s the fun without throwing a couple curveballs, which is why Malcolm Kelly isn’t included. He doesn’t play special teams – that’s why Wade, Furrey and Austin all make the team. Guessing this position is a crapshoot – Thomas is the No. 2 receiver behind Moss by default, and Galloway needs to show he can make it through camp. On his last Denver team, Mike Shanahan carried only five receivers (four active on Sundays), but Austin makes it as the sixth player if he has a good camp returning kicks.

This one is my favorite. 


So let me get this straight, we cut Malcom Kelly, our top Redzone threat as a WR, and a guy who has just been through his first full season(he was injured his rookie year), in favor of Joey Galloway, Bobby Wade and Mike Furrey?  Holy crap, get me the Tylenol.  Instead of investing in new capital ventures, Danny Boy better buy stock in a Durable Medical Equipment company that sells wheelchairs, walkers and canes.  So, in this move, we not only get older, but also shorter.  How long do you think Galloway will continue to play?  I give him 5-6 more good years at least.  That will put him at what......60.   WOW!  All I can say is WOW!  This guy mentions Kelly doesn't play special teams, but either does Galloway.  I think if Galloway tied to play ST at this point in his career, his hip may fall off.


How about one veteran, maybe Bobby Wade, along with Moss, Thomas, Kelly, Armstrong(he's young, fast, atheletic, and had impresses so far this offseason.......oh yeah, and he doesn't collect social security) and one of the two between Brandon Banks and Austin.  I like this a lot better than the former cast of Cacoon.



Casey Rabach, Derrick Dockery, Trent Williams, Artis Hicks, Jammal Brown, Mike Williams, Edwin Williams, Chad Rinehart and Selvish Capers.
Analysis: The starting group is set with Rabach, Dockery, Hicks, Brown and Trent Williams. There will be beaucoup competition for the remaining four spots. Will Montgomery and Edwin Williams are likely vying for one spot. Mike Williams makes it because he can play guard and tackle. Stephon Heyer may be going from 2009 starter to 2010 training camp cut, and Rinehart better have a good camp, too.

This is pretty good too.


Heyer, a versatile young backup(I know some people have problems with him as a starter, but he can be a very effective backup at both tackle spots), is cut, yet we keep Edwin Williams?  Did this guy happen to watch any Redskins games last season.  Edwin Williams?  Seriously?  He spent more time in the backfield last season than Portis, Betts and Cartright combined.  If either Edwin Williams or Will Montgomery make this team, I will get sick to my stomach.  I personally think we keep 10 offensive linemen, and I think Capers is destined for the practice squad.  I don't think Capers can beat out Heyer at this point in his career.  I believe his potential is greater, but Heyer is far more advanced at this point in his career than Capers.  Also, I wouldn't count out Cook and Licht, as they can play both center and guard, and are upgrades over both Williams and Montgomery. 


Ok, I had my fun tearing this guy apart.  Now it's your turn.