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Washington Redskins Snubbed in Pete Prisco's Annual Top 50 Players List?

Does Donovan McNabb belong among the league's Top 50 Players?
Does Donovan McNabb belong among the league's Top 50 Players?

I have to admit, I am having a hard time even faking any outrage here.

We were 4-12 last season--kind of hard to argue that many of our premier players belong ranked ahead of some of the names on Prisco's list. To be completely honest, I love the fact we are shut out of this list. In the past, we have seen guys like Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels living somewhere in this debate, but in 2010, I like the idea that we are full of players not rated so high that they get on these rankings. We don't need any reasons to think highly of ourselves until the games count. I want our team, and our players, to think of themselves in terms of wins and losses. Novel concept, eh?

We still need some debate here today (and through the weekend) so I ask you this:

Which Redskin do you think belongs on this list, and which player would you remove to make room for him? I think Hogs Haven has the smartest readers so that is why I add the last part. We can argue one of our guys got snubbed all day, but if you want to put a guy in this list, you have to take one out.

My take:

Donovan McNabb would be the Redskin I would add to this list and I have no problem sneaking him in at #50, and pulling Jay Ratliff off. It is fitting to knock off a Cowgirl to make room for one of the more polished passers in the league. Even given his age and injury issues, McNabb had one of his better seasons last year. To suggest he is not among the league's best players is tough given his importance to the team as the quarterback and leader. His production continues to be enough to warrant him being in the conversation.