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Haynesworth's Latest Statement Is More Verbal Garbage; Vows to Attend Training Camp

What would Albert's mom have to say about her son's actions? via <a href=""></a>
What would Albert's mom have to say about her son's actions? via

Well, Haynesworth continues to blow smoke. Here's his latest statement, first reported by Rick Maese, with my justified rippings.

"Despite my current differences with the Redskins, I have always planned to attend training camp and honor my contract."

The only reason you planned to attend training camp was to guarantee the Redskins couldn't get back that $21m bonus. There is nothing honorable about that.

I am continuing to prepare for the season individually and will report on time, in shape and ready to play football.

"Continuing to prepare" insinuates that you were preparing in the past. Skipping every single OTA and minicamp is not preparation. Shanahan has not spoke with you since March, you have not one clue what the new playbook looks like, and you lied to your teammates. Is that the preparation you mean? The only thing you are continuing is the distraction for a team re-building.

Any issues I have with the club I will discuss privately and therefore do not plan to make any further public comments

Nothing is private with you. Your word is not worth anything and your actions prove that. I desperately wanted you as part of this defense, but until I hear fom Phillip Daniels and London Fletcher that you are a part of this team, you are anything but.