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Snide Debate: Is the offensive line good enough with the addition of Jammal Brown?

Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider's first Redskins story was in 1983 and his work can be found at the and

Rick and I debate whether Jammal will see time at LT and how long Chris Samuels will coach with the Redskins since his internship is almost up.

 Is the offensive line good enough with the addition of Jammal Brown?

RickObviously, there's some question over his health because teams don't give away starting tackles, even right tackles. But, like some other spare parts, the Redskins are collecting better players than they've had. I could see Brown becoming the right tackle, Artis Hicks the right guard and Mike Williams the backup for both. That definitely makes the Redskins better. 

Kevin: The offensive line is better, but not good enough (yet). It takes time for an OLine to gel and learn the system and techniques to be effective, but I find it impossible for anyone to dislike this trade. It's too bad the Redskins couldn't squeeze in another minicamp before the break. I think going into next season the Redskins will be real legit contenders. The fact the Redskins received a late draft pick in the deal too means they can also still add youth who can compete for a spot. Brilliant work by Bruce and Shanny.

Rick: It's still a patchwork offensive line, but at least it's getting better and has some depth because you know someone will get hurt. Never fails, just hope it's not Trent Williams. The Redskins still figure to use the tight ends as blockers regularly so that means the line isn't where Shanahan think it should be, hence the last trade. It also means don't take Cooley and Davis for your fantasy team because their catches will be decreased by more blocking. That is, unless the receivers can't get it done and the Redskins are forced to throw to tight ends more than they'd like. 

Kevin: So the Redskins' LT this season will face Mario Williams, Trent Cole 2x, Demarcus Ware 2x, Kiwanuka 2x, Dwight Freeney, Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, Chris long until they move Jammal Brown over to LT? 

Rick: Never, barring injury. You draft someone fourth overall , you stick with him. Sure, Williams will have his bad games against such good players, but that's where the tight ends back him up. Clinton Portis is also an excellent blocker. If Williams is really worthy of being the fourth pick, he'll survive and so will McNabb.

Kevin: Yea, that's where having Chris Samuels on the team truly is invaluable. Having played against them all decade, each week Samuels can prep Trent on all these guys' preferred moves and techniques and how to defend them. So, it sounds like your ready to sign a 10-year contract for Redskins' club level season tickets!

Rick: Samuels is only here through camp the last I heard, but maybe they'll extend it. Not sure what league rules are concerning intern coaches. As for signing up for season tickets, I tweeted (what a weird word) the Redskins offered me 8 tickets for the fourth time in a year so I really wonder about that 200,000 waiting list. More like a mailing list.

Kevin: I registered you 5000 times when I was bored so that's probably why. 

As for Samuels, I guess I figured he was a year long intern. I think he'd be a big help for Trent during games on the sidelines, but I guess that means he'd be doing Foerster's job    

Rick: Can't have too many people in Williams' ear. His head is on a swivel as it is. Hopefully, it's not on a plate. Oh, and I've now signed you up with the European lottery people so expect a lot of emails from people saying you've won. Just give them your bank account number for the money transfer. They're nice folks.

The one thing I disagree with is that they'd never move Jammal back to LT. It could even happen week 1. McNabb is a HUGE investment, and if Trent struggles in pre-season, there's no point risking major injury to McNabb. The season is lost if Rex Grossman has to start. Oh man, imagine if Heyer and Rexy were on the field together? Let's not.