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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Season Starts Today

To suggest Fantasy Football season ever ends would be blasphemous around these parts. But thanks to the magic of SB Nation and CBS Sportsline, we are here to offer you a pretty good deal on a great Fantasy league.

Many of you are already in the process of planning leagues for the upcoming season. For the rest of you, mid-June is just the right time to offer you the chance to form a league through Hogs Haven. CBS Sportsline is offering us 50% off their fantasy football product if you sign up through this link. That means each league will cost only $90 as opposed to the $179.99 it normally costs. If any of you or your friends are thinking about starting a league, they can use this link. They don't have to be regular readers of Hogs Haven or even Redskins fans--if they want to play fantasy football and help our cause, click on the link and start saving dough.


I know that many of you out there prefer to use the free sites for your leagues, and I get that. I have been the commissioner of a fantasy league for 10 years now (The Fantasy Gods), and it has been based out of CBS Sportsline the entire time. Things you get over at CBS that make it worth paying for (in my opinion):

  • Customization of entire league...rules, scores, teams
  • Multiple draft options including auction drafts
  • Ability to manage your league and team on your mobile phone
  • Expert and user generated analysis
  • Live chat/league instant messenger
  • Fast and incredibly accurate live scoring
  • Archived historic league data for future seasons

The live scoring comes with the service--I know in other leagues you have to pay for it individually if you want it. In my league, we have league records that go all the way back to the beginning of our league. We can even create our own record categories (Like "Worst Week Ever", "Worst In-Season Moustache", etc.) and everything carries over.

For the 50% discount, it is worth a try. I am told you get a 14-day trial period before you are officially on the hook for the payment. For a league with 10-12 teams, it is less than $10 per team (not including however much you are adding to the jackpot).

In the comments section below, start the trash-talking and league-forming. We have at least one or two leagues already in the process of being formed on the site that we are going to try and steer over to CBS but we are looking for a few good men (or women) to take the helms of some leagues.

Just keep us in the loop and we will be sure to include your league in our weekly Hogs Haven Fantasy wrap-up. I intend to include at least one weekly nod to the best piece of fantasy trash-talking from all of the leagues associated with Hogs Haven. Just when I think I have heard it all, you guys blow me away with your innovations in the field.

Best of luck, and let's get started. When someone steps up to be the first Commissioner, please respond to his comment with your intent to participate in the league. I call a spot in that league as well. My team name will be:

"Do You Mind If I Use Your Bathroom? I Need to Drop a Haynesworth"

I might need to shorten that up... is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.