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Daily Slop: Dan Snyder Can Now Sleep at Night

Dan Snyder can "sleep at night" [Fox Sports]

Jammal Brown partied with Jersey Shore, JWoww [getty]
This picture has no relevance to anything except she's hot. was taken last March.

Lawyer prosecuting Haynesworth for wreckless driving, Jon Perry, emails me a statement after I asked for an update

Corey Edmondson (26 yrs old) is permanently disabled from this accident.  Corey would love to be able to return to his $9/hr job - he cannot.  In comparison, Haynesworth says he won't show up to his job despite getting another $21 million 2 months ago - Wow.  Corey is not able to work and had to move back in with his parents who care for him.  He is very thankful for his parents who work at their jobs and then work at home for him.

Haynesworth has not voluntarily accepted any responsibility for this accident.  The case has not been resolved and we are preparing for trial.  I have no further comment on this case, the stripper's paternity case in New York or Hanyesworth's other cases in Knoxville, TN

I didn't realize he had other cases in TN, past ones perhaps?

One writer's first shot at the final 53-man roster [CSN]
I'm not the only one who thinks Malcolm Kelly may not make the team.

Pat Tillman story in Cannes Film Festival [Yahoo]
Click to view the trailer

John Madden & Roger Goodell to go on training camp bus tour [espn]
Is there anyway Madden can use the can on a bus?

Saints release DE Bobby McCray [espn]
Was owed a $1.25m signing bonus & they thought he didn't warrant it

Chargers likely to let go of Vincent Jackson [espn]
Bringing him in would say everything of what they think of Devin and Malcolm

Miles Austin is dating Kim Kardashian [HP]
Kardashian girls are 2-2 bringing home championships with Lamar Odom and Reggie Bush. High profile Cowboy players and female stars worked out well in the past....ur, not so much.