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Daily Slop: Winning Trades is Shanahan's MO

Shanahan slow plays the Saints [CSN]
Remember when the Redskins got FLEECED in that TJ Tuckett trade? Yea, that was Shanahan. Now he's on our side.

Doug Williams: "This is a great move" [WaExaminer]

Jammal Brown willing to play anything, tho ideally LT [espn]
Finally, the Redskins have solid depth all-around. End of Heyer?

Gary Clark: Swagger is coming back to DC [Homer McFanboy]

"When I first came to Washington, they had already won a Super Bowl," Clark continued. "So the swagger and the expectations were already there. We knew we couldn't come in half-stepping or we'd get cut. The players who were already in place let you know that this is what it takes and this is what we're gonna do. The first thing they let us know was that in the NFC East, it was our job to go out there and spank that ass. That's just how it was."

Artis Hicks is the ultimate team player [Insider]

"But the bottom line is it's all about getting the best 53 guys. It's not about one guy. So when you've been in the league as long as I have, and something like this transpires, you can see the positives as well as the negatives. Overall, this is very positive for the Redskins, so I think it's a great move for us."    

Jammal played with a torn labrum; Suffered from sports hernia [Insider]
McNabb of course recovered from a sports hernia, so this really looks to be an amazing, amazing trade by the Redskins. In years past the Redskins would have given up a 1st or 2nd rounder. Quite shocking the Redskins also got a pick back in this deal.

Haynesworth to Seattle rumor heating up [12th man rising]