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Where Do the Redskins & Fedex Field Rank Among Teams of All Sports?


Last year we were asked by ESPN magazine to help contribute to their "Ultimate Standings" rankings, which ranks franchises in all sports based on fans' perspectives in regards to ownership, the stadium, affordability, coaching, players, etc.

Having been season ticket holders for some time, Ken and I are pretty good at handling the response, but we thought we'd open up the response this year to the comments for ESPN to choose from. With all the changes at Redskins Park, it's time to do a litmus test amongst the Burgundy Revolution. 

Out of all 122 teams, I personally think the Redskins gain a lot of ground from their poor "92" ranking last year. How ironic it's #92, right? There are a ton of upgrades which need highlighting:

  1. The Redskins finally have a front office, staff, and team that is worth the price of admission.
  2. The HD scoreboards - This has been on everyone's list for a long time. Huge upgrade for watching highlights, replays, cheerleaders.
  3. Snyder has not raised ticket prices for 5 straight years. The other costs are manageable if you try.
  4. The Redskins are building something. The year-to-year circus of the next coach and free agent are over. You know what you're going to get and that's at least smart, disciplined football.

What do you think?

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