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Daily Slop: McNabb Blogs; Devin Thomas Models, again

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Cooley's art show this Friday in Tysons Corner; his Football camp this weekend.

McNabb blogs; Praises Flyers and promotes his football camp in NJ [yardbarker]
McNabb is still trying to keep that Philly love. I'll let it slide this year...

Larry Johnson ready for his court-side seats for the John Wall show [Skins Blog]

Devin Thomas models, again [kraze]
I've been defending him all off-season, but now that his crotch is in my face I'm losing some patience. DT's always been good to us so no ill-will there, but man, these pics .... playgirl mag next?

NFL Redzone channel coming to stadiums [yahoo]
We could have used this last year. Would have been the only way fans at Fedex can see a TD. blogger: Avoid the Skins' back-field in fantasy football []
How about avoid all your articles. Eh, he's probably right, but Shanahan knows how to get the most out of guys. I'll be adding LJ if he's there late in my draft.

Peter King: Pat Tillman doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame []
For once I agree with the guy. HoF is about on-field success. We can celebrate Tillman's life in another way.

Marion Barber has slimmed down 10 pounds []
Still fighting to keep #1 job over Felix Jones

Matt Leinart impressing [sbnation]
And for the first time I mean not in regards to beer bongs 

Dez Bryant might already have won Roy Williams' spot [sbnation]