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Washington Redskins Camp Journal with Robert Henson - Day 2

I know I promised that Robert Henson would be posting these himself going forward, but his account is in our famous 24-hour lockdown (a measure put in place to help us weed out the spammers with a decent amount of success). Day two of mini-camp had a lot of storylines that we all have heard a lot about already. Here is # 58's take on yesterday:

Day #2 of mini-camp was a lot better because we actually got on the field to practice. And of course the press lined up to get a quote from anybody that was willing to field a question about Albert Haynesworth. We took to the field and normally neither offense nor defense talks crap to each other but for some reason today was a day to run your mouth. It seemed to work for us on the defensive side, as the offense continued to jump offsides and the quarterback-to-center exchange was not working at all. For the fans who are already shaking their heads in fear of more offensive woes, you can relax-this zone blocking running attack combined with the play action is a monster. It is very difficult for even our top defenders. The addition of "5" (our nickname for McNabb) frustrates us even more. The guy has a unique ability to sell the play action, and seems to be even more accurate on the run. Another element of his game that is a big change for this team is the decision making. He throws the ball away or runs if everyone is covered. As most of you know in the past................ahhhhh, who cares about the past, this Redskins team will not disappoint. There is something special going on here and I think most everyone will be happy with the results!!

On another note Trent Williams looks like a man possessed, and in my opinion, him going against my boy Orakpo is giving him a crash course on what to expect from Demarcus Ware in week 1. After practice we had some Famous Dave's BBQ and mingled with Redskins Alumni, great guys that know all about success and what it takes to bring the Lombardi trophy to Redskins Park.

I want to address the Twitter incident/comments just for a second. I, Robert Henson, never told all the fans they work at McDonalds or to go back to work at McDonalds. I hate the fact that I even posted any of it, but my comments after the first tweet were aimed at one person-not at the city. I have learned a valuable lesson. I hope to see every one of you at training camp. We need your support as get ready for the Cowboys. We owe them not 1 but 2!! HTTR

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