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Snide Debate: Will Albert Haynesworth Be on the Roster Week 1?

Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider's first Redskins story was in 1983 and his work can be found at and

With mandatory minicamp starting tomorrow (Wednesday), Rick Snider and I debate the reality of Haynesworth making this team.

Do you really think Albert Haynesworth will be on the opening-day roster?

Rick:  I'd say less than 50/50. It all depends on his attitude and conditioning. I've heard Albert lost some weight so that's a plus. But if he's sour, Mike Shanahan will continue looking for offers. It probably wouldn't happen until August when the team better decides can it live without him and another team loses a tackle to desperately need him, but I'm betting Haynesworth's not on the roster come the Dallas game.

KevinThis Haynesworth thing I go back and forth on every day, especially with Charles Mann's latest comments, but I think Albert will be there - only because the Redskins won't be able to get ample return value in a trade.
Now that it's been two months, it really does amaze me that Albert decided to blow off practices two months in advance. Telling Coach he can't make it to camp the next couple weeks is one thing, but to say "I'm not participating in ANYTHING" is the blatant middle finger. I mean...that's as bad as it gets. He's working with his personal trainers..that's great, but he couldn't just show up for 1 weekend? Landry did.

Either way, even "out of shape," Haynesworth is better than 90% of the tackles in the league. The Redskins need him and I'll think he'll be at Fedex Field week 1. 

I put my money on him being out of shape, though. What motivation is there to work out when you've already been paid, you hate your job/coaching scheme, and you're facing unrelated paternity and civil lawsuits?

RickI respect Charles Mann's comment, but seriously, what did Charles say that was new that caused the buzz? Charles just said Haynesworth is the perfect example of a spoiled athlete (though certainly not all of today's athletes are spoiled so don't use a broad brush). Charles was a warrior. His fingers are so mashed he can't even pick up coins off a counter. Charles was right that Albert just needs to clog the middle like he did before. I would be really confused over Haynesworth's attitude except I know he's just selfish. It comes down to that.

Kevin: It's just that...who is saying it. All the current Redskin players are being careful not to say the wrong thing, but when an ex-player says it, it makes you think what's really going on in that locker room. Similar to how Riggins blew the door open on Zorn last year. If I was busting my ass in 95 degree two-a-days while Haynesworth sat on his butt for 2 months, I'd be pissed. It takes a team to win and Al is a huge part of that DLine.

Shanahan will do a good job selling all summer everything is fine and he only needs a little catching up to do with the playbook and conditioning. Shanny is a Pro at squashing media questions. As much as I want Albert on this team, it'd almost be refreshing if they traded him just so we have something else to talk about. It's getting to me worse than even the Campbell talk. 

Rick: Marty Schottenheimer did a great job selling Jeff George was his guy through the 2001 preseason while the latter healed. But a couple weeks into the season, Schottenheimer didn't even bother benching George; he just cut the guy. So I agree Shanahan will make everything seem rosy when it's not. As for teammates, they may not like what Haynesworth's doing, but they're not going to say anything to him. I remember a fight on the field late last season when Haynesworth rushed to aid DeAngelo Hall. It was like a parting of the sea as opponents didn't want any part of Haynesworth. Same goes for teammates. Like you said, he's better than 90 percent of tackles and few want to mess with him. 

So what do you all think? Will he be on the roster week 1 and throughout the season?