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Introducing SB Nation Team Pick

The SB Nation brass sent me an email a few weeks ago that they had an opportunity to pass on some deals to our readers. I personally hate advertisements, but I really don't see this as such. Why wouldn't I want 50% off game tickets and to sports bars that I go to anyway? Enter the SB Nation Team Pick.

I've used quite a bit. I recently paid $3 for a 50% coupon to Sticky of the better sushi places in DC. Well, SB Nation has ways of passing on their hookups now, too (all sports related). Their first one...$10 gets you a $20 voucher to Buffalo Billiards. I actually hit up Buff BIlliards quite a bit given their big layout and proximity to Front Page and Lucky why not. Four beers for $10...I'm in.

I suggest signing up for this if you haven't. You'll get an email once a week that has the deals...which will be everything sports and bars and it will never be LESS than 50% off. OK, now we can resume our endless Albert Haynesworth banter.