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Vinny Cerrato Is In the Hall of Fame....Seriously...Sorta

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Cerrato circa 1986
Cerrato circa 1986

"The inaugural class of the Albert Lea High School Hall of Fame was announced June 9 and included 10 inductees. Inductees included: [...Vinny Cerrato, class of 1977...]   [Albert Lea Tribune

When it comes to High School Hall of Fame inductions, I guess it really does come down to being more somewhat famous than it does your actual accomplishments. I mean, how many non-athletes do you know have made the Hall of Fame by getting fired from the same job TWICE (Redskins 2001 & 2009)?

Kidding aside, Vinny played QB at Iowa State, was Director of College Scouting when the 49ers won a Super Bowl, and then joined the Redskins where...well...we know the drill. It's certainly a high-profile career, so, um,  Vinny, congrats. (No word yet if Adam Archuleta, Brandon LLoyd, and Albert Haynesworth will be sending congratulatory gifts).

Contest acceptance speech (as Vinny) wins this t-shirt... 


Shirts via Ahern Inquirer...