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The Thursday Line - Leaps of Faith

You guys inspired me on Tuesday. When asked if you thought the Redskins were more likely to finish above or below .500, approximately 80% of you answered "Above."

Wow...I love it.

With that in mind, here are a few other prospects for you all to ring in on:

Over/Under: Super Bowls Won By Mike Shanahan in Washington -- 0.5
I guess I'll jump off the bridge here with the Over. What did you expect? It is not about winning it this year...I think by this time next year we may see the semblance of a real playoff contender. And if that is true than we might very well be a Super Bowl contender either that year or the next. Assuming Shanahan is the guy in charge, then it is not the worst bet I have ever made.

Over/Under: Points Scored in Season Opener By Washington Redskins -- 16.5
I pray that nobody who reads this site pays any attention to the scores in the preseason. We should be the most trained fans in the world when it comes to the meaninglessness (a word?) of preseason. On September 12th, it will be be for real, and God help Shanahan if he puts up either 16 or 17 points exactly (especially in a loss.) It would simply be too painful.

Over/Under: Games Started By Carlos Rogers -- 8
This is kind of an "out there" one I know. He is clearly our starting CB, right? Except his notable absence so far this preseason is the kind of thing that rubs guys like Mike Shanahan the wrong way. Assuming Carlos is here for one more year only, he is a prime target to be made an example out of by the new coaching staff. I don't know if messing with Rogers is the smart thing to do given his history of unhappiness about such things, but Mike Shanahan is seemingly unafraid of such things. I guess you could also interpret this O/U as whether or not you think Bruce Allen will trade Carlos before the season starts. I will take the Over here because I think we still need him too much. But make no mistake about it, of all the personnel issues out there, this is the one I think will have the most pronounced "rubber meets the road" moment at Redskins Park.

Over/Under: Touchdowns By Dennis Morris in 2010 -- 1.5
First, this assumes he makes the team. Second, it assumes he will find the field in the Red Zone. Third, it assumes McNabb will find his 5th checkdown option two or more times for touchdowns. Hmmmm...I'll take the Over on Dennis the Menace.