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Who Wants a Free Ron Burgundy McNabb T-Shirt?

Shirts available via friends at <a href="">Ahern Inquirer</a>
Shirts available via friends at Ahern Inquirer

Ken and I were slated for writing the Maple Street press publication for the Redskins. We have some fantastic articles from Doug Farrar of Football Outsiders, Rich Tandler of CSNWashington, Mike Richman, and more. It's been an exhaustive effort putting everything together and we still have a long ways to go, which is why we're asking the community for help.

In exchange for a free t-shirt, would anyone be willing to fill out a spreadsheet (which I have) for all the 2009 stats of the Redskins roster. The sheet has all the sections and columns for Offense, defense, ST, roster, etc, so someone would just need to fill them in based on the stats on I'd need it by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

Thanks in advance guys/gals for any help. I'll email whoever comments first that they can do it. Of course, you can just buy the shirt too.