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Tony Wyllie, the top PR official of the Houston Texans, joins the Redskins

Via Redskins Insider: 28_medium

The last major player for the Snyder/Cerrato era, Karl Swanson, has stepped down to attend to family issues. Swanson was one of just two senior-level executives who've been with Snyder since the owner took over control of team in 1999. Rarely dealing with roster moves or football decisions, Swanson often spoke on behalf of Snyder, who limits his media availabilities.

"Over the years, Swanson's approach to media relations has alienated some of the Redskins' own public relations staff. The team has had seven directors of communications during Snyder's 11-year ownership, a rate that exceeds the turnover in the head coaching job. ... One of the former PR directors, John Konoza, lasted three days. His replacement, John Maroon, lasted a year."

Wyllie and his staff earned the Pete Rozelle Award, presented annually by Pro Football Writers of America to the league's top PR staff, a total of four times, including twice with the Texans (2004 and 2007).

From everything I've heard, it's a good thing I did not have the chance to meet Cerrato or Swanson (and that's coming from multiple writers that cover the Redskins). Tony has 10 years experience leading the Texans' PR, and last I recall, they haven't had 1/1,000,000th of the drama coming out of Redskins Park.

It's really refreshing to see that the overhaul is not just to the players and coaches, but throughout the whole organization. After the loss to the Lions last year, I said the Redskins need to blow it up. They did all of that and more. Kudos Mr. Snyder. As you see now when driving around to your galas and charity events, the ride is much better from the back seat. Let the pros handle it.

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