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Camping Out: The Latest on Rocky McIntosh and Carlos Rogers


John Keim has covered the Washington Redskins since 1994. Follow his work at and

For anyone in the DC area, the Washington Examiner is a great news source given out free at all the Metro stops and of course available online. They have two top-class journalists in John Keim and Rick Snider, who have both been regulars at Redskins Park for Rick's case...decades. I'm excited to say that Hogs Haven will be adding two regular, weekly pieces with each writer. First up is 5 questions with John Keim.

1.)  What has Redskins Park been like the last few days in regards to player activity? Are all the draft picks in town working out?

Business as usual the past few days; we have no access right now so there's no need for us to be there. But the offseason workouts continue for the vets. Rookies report Thursday.

2.) What's your thoughts on what will happen to Rocky and Carlos, and there any indications of progress there? Carlos appears he's happy now that Zorn & Blache are out.

I expect both to be here. The Redskins don't have the LB depth to just give Rocky away. Carlos appears to be pleased with how things are.

3.) Do you think the Skins start the season with LJ, Willie and CP all in the fold?


Looks that way just because they don't have many alternatives. But the reason I think it might not happen is because none of them play special teams. And none are great receivers. Portis is still the best all-around of the three.

4.)  What's your early prediction on what the right side of the OL will look like? We think Big Mike Williams and Hicks.

I'm with you on this projection. Stephon Heyer will be the third tackle. Williams is better at guard and I'm not sure they have a better option. I'll be curious to see Edwin Williams in camp to see if he's made any progress. But big Mike mus improve his hands and his work vs. stunts.

5.) I've heard many players and staff say how much the culture is night and day at Redskins Park now that Cerrato is out and Bruce & Mike are in. What do you notice around Redskins Park that fans can't see?

I notice smiles. Seriously, people seem a little less uptight perhaps. Vinny was a bit moody and that impacted the atmosphere. Bruce and Mike are more professional. It rubs off on everyone. Staffers were impressed that Shanahan even knew the names of the cleaning help. Stuff like that makes a difference.

All good stuff. I question whether Rocky and Carlos will show though. They certainly don't want to get injured without a contract, and not showing would of course pressure the Redskins to make a move. As John said, the Redskins have little depth at CB and LB, so we seem to be in an old poker standoff and the players have the better hand. The turn card is out...who is gonna call?