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Daily Slop: Clinton Portis Tells It How it Is

Chris Horton still battling toe injury [Insider]

Kyle Shanahan on the Fred Davis/Chris Cooley issue:

"The only position where one guy is out there is quarterback," offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said following the team's first minicamp. "Whatever it is, our best player is going to be out on the field. If we feel two tight ends are better than three receivers, we'll put two tight ends out there and go with two receivers. It's whatever your personnel is, and you have to adjust that way as a coach."  [Redskins Insider]

Clinton Portis Interview (part 2) [106.7]
Talks about Shanahan's desire to keep Clinton in DEN, which is a different version of what Karl Mecklenburg told me several months ago. Everything Clinton says makes sense, but his lack of practicing is bothersome. I mean, his teammates were completely calling him out yet he paints a different picture.

Dez Bryant tweaks ankle at practice; out of shape on field [espn]
It's looking like Dez will have a Malcolm Kelly/Devin Thomas/Fred Davis rookie year

Saints and Sean Payton in some hot water over stolen drugs [espn]

Steelers WR Limas Sweed may be out for the year with achilles injury [espn]
After losing Holmes, Steelers in some real trouble.

Okung already impressing [espn]

Darren Sharper talking with Jaguars [espn]