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Daily Slop: Photos of Haynesworth's Accuser; Reed Doughty Signs Tender


Pics of Haynesworth's gold-digger newest baby momma come out [SBB] [CBSNews]

Reed Doughty signs tender [Insider]
1-year - $1.759 million; steal in my mind

Terrence Austin out til June [csn]
Still in school

Interview with Horton [Homer McFanboy]

Cooley girls it up [Insider]
Talks about text-voting 20+ times on Americal Idol

Cooley adds PK holder to his special teams resume [Skins Blog]

Haslett has a boner for Lorenzo Alexander [Skins Blog]
After last season, I think we all do. 

Steinberg notes that the Redskins still dominate headlines [Bog]
Lists each of the 83 days (out of 143) Skins have won headlines this off-season

Great minute-by-minute recap of OTAs yesterday  [csn]
Roydell Williams shines; Robert Henson not so much

More observations from John Keim [WaExaminer]
Galloway burns Tryon; Orakpo has a spectacular INT; McNabb was off

Brian Westbrook on playing with the Redskins [nflplayers]

I enjoyed them and the coaching staff. I'd love to be a part of that organization. They have a quality organization-I just have to find out if I can fit into their system.    

Hey-Bey and Campbell are lighting it up [IBA]

Dez Bryant out of OTAs with a hip pointer [espn]

Jared Allen vows mullet will return []

Want to see a baby smoke a cigarette with style? [ny post]