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Daily Slop: Haynesworth Faces $10 million Paternity Suit

Exotic dancer and Selma Hayek look-a-like wants money [NYPost]

McNabb drops $2.1 mil for a house in Great Falls, VA [WaPost]
Weren't houses there like $10 mil a few years ago?

Matt Terl in Kedric Golston's dog-house [Skins Blog]

Top 10 Washington Broadcasters of all time [WaPost]
I'm a little surprised George Michael isn't #1, but I grew up on him so I'm biased.

Eastern Motors wants McNabb and John Wall [Bog]

DeAngelo Hall should be...a Free Safety? [Trippiedi]

Eagles release Durant Brooks [Miami Herald]

Baltimore wants to host a Super Bowl too [PFT]
Now that's a good laugh. 

Flashback: Cowboys traded 2 first round picks to SEA for Galloway [DN]

So yea, probably a good thing the Redskins didn't trade for Jared Gaither []

Jared Allen cuts his mullet. End of an era. []

Mike Tomlin stepping in for Big Ben's 3-day youth camp [espn]