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Snide Debate: Who's 1st Game Means More - Trent Williams or Strasburg?

Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider's first Redskins story was in 1983 and his work can be found at and

Topic: Both Stephen Strasburg and Trent Williams are expected to anchor their respective units for years to come. Whose first game means more to the franchise?

Rick: Strasburg hands down. The Nats need to sell tickets, the Redskins by and large don't. The Nats are still breaking into the market, the Redskins own the market. The Nats need a superstar player -- Ryan Zimmerman is very good and maybe a Hall of Famer one day, but not there yet. The Redskins don't have a Hall of Famer on the roster right now, but Russ Grimm enters Canton this fall. Overall, Trent WIlliams is a nice addition, but Strasburg could be a show stopper. That said, let see him throw a pitch in the majors before calling him the next Walter Johnson.

Kevin: I guess you misplaced your Redskins 2010 schedule amongst all your Angela Lansbury & Golden Girls TV Guides. Let me remind you, Week 1 - Dallas Cowboys. We have Mike Shanahan commandeering the new Redskins regime, at home, against Dallas. The anchor that the Redskins have been used to in Chris Samuels now has his protege Trent Williams defending prized off-season QB Donovan McNabb. Who is Trent Williams facing? Four-time Pro-Bowler DeMarcus Ware. Who is Strasburg facing? The always exciting Cincinnati Reds. Yawn.

I know the Reds are in first place, and I don't want to undermine what Stras brings; however, if Trent Williams screws up, McNabb could end up in Sibley Hospital. If Strasburg screws up, the Nats bats only have to come to life, which they already have been doing.

Rick: First off, Angela Lansbury was a babe in her prime, but that was 15 years before I was born. Second, Strasburg is literally on his own pitching island while Williams has a fullback blocking behind him on some plays. Williams will be just one storyline for the opener. Strasburg will be the story line every time he pitches.

Kevin: Strasburg is on his own island? You mean the same island that the catcher, pitching coach, manager, and entire infield dock at several times an inning? It's a push at best on that front. If you want to change the subject to story-lines then we can do that. Strasburg will of course always be the headline, and all 37 Natinals fans will enjoy that article. The millions of Redskins fans across the U.S. however will be anxiously watching if their Left Tackle is indeed the anchor they need for the next ten years. What better test than Ware and the Cowboys?

Rick: OK, here's the real question -- who throws harder: Strasburg or Donovan McNabb? I have no idea, but guessing each would win holding their own ball.

Kevin: Hmm. Well, the first 5 yards before his throw hits the dirt McNabb is probably the winner. Seriously though, I read Favre threw a football 68 mph which equated to 96mph for a baseball. (It was on the Internet, so it had to be true). Given McNabb is weaker than Favre and significantly older than Stras...seems like a no-brainer. Strasburg's changeup would blow away most NFL QBs (even if they threw fastballs). It's hard to believe but there's not a single record of McNabb ever throwing the first pitch for the Phils. No brotherly love there.

Rick: Sounds like a new Battle of the Network Stars challenge. who won this debate?