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Burgundy & Gold Magazine Featuring Brian Mitchell and Yours Truly


We really tried to have the video play directly on the site but as it turns out we simply didn't have the technology to do so. I blame Al-Qaeda. It was a great night over at Buffalo Wild Wings in Rockville as we kicked around the usual line-up of offseason topics. Mike Richman, author of The Redskins Encyclopedia and the Washington Redskins Football Vault hosted the panel that included such distinguished guests as Brian Mitchell and Ken Meringolo!

You be the judge for how I handled things next to B Mitch. In the past, he has lit me up a little (most notably on Comcast's Post Game Live), but we found ourselves agreeing on most things. I recall it being the Brian Mitchell show when I replay things in my head, but Kevin thinks I dominated the discussion. I got some great stuff out of B Mitch to be included in the soon to be written and posted #30 By The Numbers piece (cue the comment from Kevin.)

Thanks to Mike Richman and the folks over at Buffalo Wild Wings for making it a fun night for everyone. Look for upcoming episodes this summer. We will be sure to keep you posted.

As for how to access the video:

Go to
Click on "View it Now"
Click on "Sports"

Burgundy and Gold Magazine #6 is the 1st show listed, click to view.