Big Al, Unfairly Tarnished

Go back to last year and watch the Giants and Cowboys games (game 2 of each)

There are MULTIPLE incidents in both games, one of which I actually wrote about on this site, where a player was making a run down the sideline and most other Skins had given up, leaving the player to be tackled by the player nearest to him, and Al, even THOUGH HE HAD NO CHANCE OF GETTING THERE, was sprinting (or that thing like Sprinting that 300ib guys do when they want to run fast) to try and be part of the action.

All these other so called 'hard workers' on our D were going through the motions and he was genuinly 'working until the whistle' which is what you are meant to do.

Now I know its fun for the TV networks to show the shots of him with the Oxygen mask and I know its easy for lazy sports journos to re-hash conventional wisdom about lazyness etc, but I challenge everyone to actually watch Haynesworth, and only him on a series of plays, and watch how he is one of the few players who does not stop until the whistle even when its pretty obvious the play has progressed beyond a point where he can impact it, until the whistle sounds BIG AL works.

Now you can argue this is a foolish allocation of his resources (fitness) during the game, but still it does not equate to lazyness.

Now as for the contract, remember this man HAD HIS CHOICE of a bunch of Franchises, and it was KNOWN that he did not want to play the NT in a 3-4, it was KNOWN that he wanted to 'be disruptive'

Now Jim Haslett is a failed Defensive Co-Ordinator, who has decided to re-vamp a defence on a team that had few draft picks and a pretty solid D last year to a 3-4 that does not seem to suit our personell (the thought of seeing B-Rak in coverage instead of an every down 4-3 end is terriying) yet for some reason the media have decided Al is the bad guy here. I just dont see it that way, Big Al is an easy target (how can you miss something that big!!!)

But he is misrepresented, and without him, I really dont see B-Rak and Carter getting double digit sacks.

Lets put it this way, who is going to be more responsible for the Success of our DE/OLB's sack totals this year, the incomparable genius of Jim Hasletts Defensive Scheme, or Big AL tearing sh*t up on the inside??.............I thought so.