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Daily Slop: OLine Overhaul Progressing

Chris Samuels and Trent Williams are attached at the hip [Skins Blog]

Redskins fan shares flight with McNabb at Dulles airport [ES]

Hall of Famer and former Redskin, for a year, Stan Jones dies []

Russ Grimm's son, Cody, adjusting to NFL as Strong Safety []
The Bucs drafted the former LB out of VA Tech in the 7th round, and they have a player you'd expect....hard working.

Giants' Kevin  Boss has ankle surgery [espn]

Favre has ankle surgery; Needs 4-6 weeks of rehab [espn]

Patrick Crayton wants a trade; Continues to skip workouts [NFP]

McNabb films ESPN show with Rick Reilly [Insider]
Cooley, Snyder, and Shanahan all participate.

Wes Welker attends lingerie party at Playboy Mansion [PFT]
Pats fans not liking these photos when he should be 'rehabbing.'  Which is dumb. What's one night of walking around a party? If anything fans should be jealous. How do you pass up this invite? If Portis did it, of course people would be outraged.

Patriots released tight end Robbie Agnone and quarterback Jeff Rowe [csn]   

Venus Williams wears lingerie....during her French Open Match [Big Lead]