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A little self-promotion ... and your chance to participate

Pre-orders available via <a href=""></a>
Pre-orders available via

The folks at the sports publishing company Maple Street Press have asked yours truly to put together their 128-page 2010 Redskins Annual

We need your help to finish off this immense project. As we know, the Redskins are a proud NFL franchise rich in tradition, and with a loyal fan base that often spans generations of families. I want to include some of your feelings about the Redskins in the magazine, specifically:

What is your most cherished Redskins memory?

E-mail your story (and screen name) to with the subject line 'Maple Street Press.' The story can be as long or short as you desire. We will choose the best of them for inclusion in the magazine. Your screen name will definitely appear in the magazine if your essay is utilized.

As for the magazine, here is some detail on what you will get for your money.

This is not a flimsy magazine. This is 128 pages full of history and analysis. Some of it is written by the folks you are familiar with here at Hogs Haven, and others including:

Doug Farrar - Yahoo Sports - Football Outsiders: Gives an awesome 8-page article opening up Shanahan's playbook. Gives specific terms and play diagrams for all the major offensive situations. 

Michael Richman - The Redskins Encyclopedia & The Washington Redskins Football Vault: Great insight and stories on Russ Grimm's career as he enters the Hall.

Matt Bowen - National Football Post: Similar to Doug, the former Redskin gives detailed insight into Haslett's 3-4 blitzing schemes.

Rich Tandler - CSN Washington: Details the rise of Bruce Allen and his father-inspired past.

You can pre-order the magazine now.

As for my most cherished Redskins story...

I was 13 years old sitting in my miserable grade school class room when an announcement came over the PA system, "Would Kevin Ewoldt please come to the Principal's office with their things." Twenty heads all turn my direction like I have a clue of what's going on. Shrug. I grab my stuff and as I walk down the immensely long hallway I see my Mom at the end. The Principal doesn't say a word and my Mom whisks me out the grade school front doors. Eureka! 

"Where are we going?" I asked. My Mom replied, "The Redskins Super Bowl parade...I couldn't let you miss this." Oh man....and what a scene that was. I wasn't too attentive to street signs then but I'm pretty sure it was Constitution Avenue. I hung on to a street pole cheering and waving to Doug Williams thinking one thing about my classmates...."SUCKERS!"