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Daily Slop: TBD Redskin Caught up in HGH Scandal

Canadian doctor charged with supplying HGH was traveling to treat player in Washington [Insider] [Examiner]

Redskins defensive end/linebacker Jeremy Jarmon tweeted Tuesday, "Crazy to think that one of the biggest faces of the league will be tied to Galea." The tweet was later deleted.

Joe Gibbs recalls his favorite Russ Grimm story [Bog]
It's a good one and of course booze related

Wizards win the draft lottery [Bog], which makes Jeremy Jarmon happy
The Wiz winning #1 makes me think the lottery is even more fixed...everything Abe Pollin has done for the NBA, his wife was there....

Shaun Suisham lands job with the powerhouse CLE Browns [espn]
Cleveland losing Lebron, gets, rough times.

J.P. Losman signs 1-year deal with Seahawks [espn]

Darnell Dockett apologizes for posting video of taking shower [espn]

Shawn Springs cut by Pats [espn]
Hard to imagine he'll find work after this

Roy Williams compares himself and Romo to Montana and Rice [yahoo]

Daunte Culpepper scores a starting QB the UFL [espn]

Pictures and videos from Cooley's Rally for the Cure after the jump....

Cooley doling out autographs for won merchandise.


Cooley's mom (left) and Sellers

Colt Brennan leading some live auction bids

I got a chance to talk to Reed for a bit. Awesome dude. Funny. When we switched to the camera it became a lot more serious. It's hard to hear from this clip with the background noise. I asked him the biggest difference between Blache and Haslett's defense, and Reed said the FS won't be playing so far off the ball. I think we can all be happy for that change.