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Haynesworth or Arenas - Which Contract is Worse for D.C. Fans?

If DC could get out of one contract, which one would you choose....Gilbert or Haynesworth?
(Note: Since the Redskins already paid 80% of Al's contract, I'll add the stipulation that they'd get a late 2nd/early 3rd round pick in getting out of that deal....Gilbert would be a clean cut).

I was in the camp that the media has overblown the Haynesworth issue, but Albert recently was quoted as saying he feels "deceived" by the Redskins. That's not going to ease any tensions. I also just exchanged emails with the lawyer for the victim in the 2008 car accident Haynesworth was involved in, and we can expect a civil trial for that during the season:

"Haynesworth has not voluntarily accepted any responsibility for the accident. The case has not been resolved and we are preparing for trial. With current court schedule, we anticipate jury trial in the Fall of this year." - Jon Perry

First, let's lay out the contracts:

- Arenas has 4 years left on $111 million deal.
- Haynesworth has 6 years left on $100 mil ($41 mil guaranteed of which $32 mil is paid)
2010: $3.6 million (+ $21 million guaranteed option bonus paid 4/1/10), 2011: $5.4 million, 2012: $6.7 million (+ $500,000 workout bonus), 2013: $8.5 million (+ $20 million "discretionary signing bonus" + $500,000 roster bonus due 8/31 = Poison Pill Year), 2014: $10.3 million (+ $500,000 roster bonus due 8/31), 2015: $11.5 million (+ $500,000 roster bonus due 8/31), 2016: Free Agent

It's clear Gilbert's knee is not worth $25 million a year, but the Wizards are a lock to get another poor lottery pick, and with everything Gil has done for the city of DC, there is a chance he can come back to that star status any team needs. It is still possible to build around the 28-year old point guard. In the 32 games he started last year, he averaged his career averages in almost every stat. Gilbert is a good teammate and still could be the face of this franchise. He was able to leave the halfway house to workout at Gold's gym.

Albert, on the other hand, came here under the impression he could play under his terms and has been sour ever since the new regime flipped the table. Albert is arguably the best defensive player in the NFL and could be a huge contributor for this team (if HE chooses). However, he has been a distraction and shown poor leadship in deciding not to learn the new system with the rest of the team. Will it be a distraction all year? So, that leads to the question...who would you rather see gone?

Albert Haynesworth

Gilbert Arenas


- Healthy

- Arguably the most dominant player in his position currently

- Makes all the players around him instantly better (two 10+ sack DEs for the first time in almost a decade)

- Shows he cares about winning taking less $$ to DC and by his public statements throughout the season when the team was performing poorly

- Reflects the utmost confidence on the court

- Can hit the big shot

- Leader in the community

- Great personality and charisma

- Draws the best opposing defender making it easier for teammates


- Opted out of voluntary workouts with teammates despite new system and all other teammates present

- Caused a car accident that left a 22-year old man disabled; Still has not accepted responsibility.

- Not hesitant to call out coaches publicly for poor decisions

- Wants to decide himself how to be used versus doing what is asked of the coaches

- Has only played in 47 games the last 3 years due to his knee

- Obvious problems with the law and the lies to cover it up

- Mocked the gun charges and shamed the team in the games prior to his suspension

- Lacks seriousness and goofs around too much in the locker room and off the court.