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Daily Slop: Snyder Speaks; Mosley Embellishes

Dan Snyder mentioned he was 'disappointed' in Haynesworth []

Matt Mosley twists that into Snyder being "fed up." [espn]
If I spent $32 million and a player skipped out on me, I'd be mad, but there's nothing that shows Snyder is "fed  up," even from the video of it.

Redskins have OTAs today through Wednesday [Insider]

Each team is permitted to hold up to 14 OTA sessions. The Redskins have scheduled their OTAs for May 17-19, 24-26, June 1-3, 7-8 and 10-11. The OTAs are not open to the public.     

OTAs should narrow down the 20-some tryouts from minicamp [Insider]
UConn Safety Robbie Vaughn hopeful

McNabb apologizes to Eagles fans for not winning Super Bowl [CSN]
One journalist thinks  McNabb's apology is a poor sign of leadership [Pilot]

Former Redskins TE Clint Didier disgusted with Obama, Running for Senate [BogSW]

Aaron Rodgers calls out Todd McShay and Mel Kiper [yahoo]