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Breaking Down the NFC East Position by Position

For this exercise I used a point system, with 4 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.  As you can see on offense, I didn't add the FB position, and only used two WR's.


Defense was quite a bit harder as two teams(Redskins and Cowboys) use the 3-4, and the other two the 4-3.  I tried best as I could to match up the best athletes in the same catagory, even though they may not play the exact same position.


You will also notice that on both offense and defense, where there are multiple positions listed(ie. WR, DE, DT,LB, CB), I tried to list that teams best player in the first spot, and the teams second best player in the second spot. 


Below are the results.  Feel free to argue your position for or against my opinions.

           Redskins     Cowboys     Eagles     Giants

QB     McNabb      Romo(3)       Kolb(1)    Manning(2)

RB     Portis(2)        Jones          McCoy(1) Jacobs(3)

WR   Moss(2)         Austin(3)     Jackson    Smith(1)

WR   Thomas(1)     Williams     Macklin(2) Nicks(3)

TE     Cooley(3)       Whitten     Celeck(2)   Boss(1)

LT     Williams(1)    Free(2)        Peters       Diehl(3)

LG    Dockery(2)      Kosier(1)    Herreman(3)Seubert

C      Rabach(2)       Gurode(3)   Jackson(1)   O’Hara

RG   Williams(1)     Davis          Cole(2)        Snee(3)

RT    Hicks(1)         Colombo(3)  Justice(2)    McKenzie


DT   Haynsw        Spears(3)     Patterson(2)    Cofield(1)

DT   Carriker(2)     Ratliff         Bunkley(3)       Alford(2)

DE   Orakpo(2)      Ware          Cole(1)            Umenyiora(3)

DE   Carter(2)       Spencer(3)   Tapp(1)            Tuck

LB   Fletcher        James(3)       Sims(2)           Boley(1)

LB   McIntosh      Brooking(3)  Bradley(2)       Goff(1)

CB  Hall(2)           Newman(3)    Samuel         Webster(1)

CB  Rodgers        Jenkins(3)      Hobbs(2)       Thomas(1)

SS  Landry          Sensabau(2)   Harris(1)       Phillips(3)

FS  Moore(1)       Hamlin(3)       Mikell(2)      Rolle

From the breakdown above here are the results for each team:


Cowboys - 31

Giants - 28

Eagles - 22

Redskins - 19


Cowboys - 31

Redskins - 29

Giants - 21

Eagles - 20


Cowboys - 62

Giants - 49

Skins - 48

Eagles - 42

If you go by this point system, the Cowboys appear to be the most talented team position by position in the NFC East. 

This obviously does not take into consideration coaching staffs, special teams, schedules, and of course depth. 

If I had to take a guess of each teams records at seasons end based solely on this point system, I would go as follows:

Cowboys - 12-4

Giants - 10-6

Redskins - 9-7

Eagles - 7-9